EW Lighting Fixture Atex

FileDownload Lighting fixture in aluminium and tempered glass for gas and dust area. On request: lamp, and reflector.

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EVS ATEX Lighting fittings series

FileDownload Lighting fitting for incandescent lamp up to 100W. Its shape and consi- particularly limited dimensions make its use advisable in low ceiling premises, underground passages, boiler rooms, small warehouses, etc. White epoxyvinyl internal coating improving the luminous performance. Enclosure in light alloy with External bolts and screws in stainless steel. RAL 7000 external epoxyvinyl coating.

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EVC 50/FR Red Lightings fittings

FileDownload EVC 50/FR - Red lighting fitting Suitable for intermittent flash Xenon gas lamps. 12/24V ac/dc supply voltage. Enclosure in light alloy with tempered glass. RAL 7000 external epoxy coating.

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EV. Lighting fixtures

FileDownload Lighting fixtures EV. type are composed of an aluminium body with the tempered glass globe mounted, an of the correspondent support connection. Lamp not included. Accordino to the requested entry, replace “*” with the corresponding letterEV-A=suspension lamp,EV-J=arm lampEV-C=ceiling lamp.EV-G=eye bolt lamp.

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