You are in charge of operations, maintenance or design of electrical equipment in hazardous locations and you are looking for a reliable and competent partner. We are audited annually and certified in accordance with the European ATEX Directive and international IECEx rules according to EN / IEC 80079-34 standards, our equipment and systems are delivered under quality assurance ATEX QAN for European standards and QAR internationally.
Our engineers, experts and certifications allow us to define, design and provide a complete solution for any type of explosive atmosphere even under the most extreme environmental conditions; arctic, offshore or desert.       

Atex System, a designer and manufacturer of electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres, offers its own certified ATEX and IECEx solutions. ISO 9001and EN 60079 certified, our standards are based on European ATEX certification according to EN / IEC 80079-34 and international IECEx. Our products and systems are delivered under our ATEX QAN quality assurance for European standards but also QAR for international standards.

International player in the oil and gas services sector since 2002, our products & solutions are installed in 150 countries. The main areas of expertise are centered around the production of electrical solutions for hazardous locations and in particular Ex d explosion-proof enclosures, Ex px py pz pressurized cabinets, Ex e increased safety enclosures for junction boxes and control stations as well as battery boxes. These assemblies are fully designed, assembled, tested and wired by our teams of qualified engineers and technicians according to the normative requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU.
We also develop innovative solutions for: data radio transmission, gas analysis, wireless communication, lighting systems, access control and presence detection …

Several specialties make up our ATEX production:
– Studies and feasibility – FEED – Plans – Drawing – Contracts – Dialux
– Electrical cabinets and cabinets and equipment
– LED lighting, autonomous systems
– Thermal engineering: Ventilation – HVAC – Hot / cold – Air conditioning – Air heater
– Solar engineering: dimensioning and skid
– Wireless transmission: Access point – Antennas – Wireless solutions We specialize in the design of innovative solutions such as: radio transmission, high power VSD, gas analysis, wireless solutions, lighting systems, access control and presence detection…

Fields of activity: oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, metallurgy, automotive…
We take care of your projects on turnkey basis. Our goal is to meet your particular project requirements, but also to give advice on your design and provide training. Our various skills in electricity, automation, instrumentation and project management allow us to build a lasting partnership with your organization.