LBH. Courbes de tirage à 90°

FileDownload Les courbes LBH ont le corps curviligne à 90° avec deux entrées taraudées et un couvercle avec joint plat vissé. Les courbes LBH sont utilisées dans les installations ADPE pour faciliter l’emboîtage des câbles peu flexibles ou à larges sections et pour modifier la direction des conduits.

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Condulets. Waterproof pulling boxes

FileDownload The waterproof boxes called CONDULETS are rectangular shaped and their cover with gasket is fixed by two screws. The boxes CONDULETS are used for waterproof equipments to pull and join.

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EKC Pulling fittings

FileDownload The EKC fittings consist of a body having two threaded entries and of a cover, with flat joint, fixed by screws. The EKC fittings are used to facilitate the insertion of not very flexible cables or of big sections and to connect pipes.

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TC Rigid conduit

FileDownload The TC tube (UNI 7683) is made of hot galvanized steel With smooth internal surface. Supplied in bars standard length 3m, thread only on one side, complete with one female union (EM) for connection.

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AD Rigid conduit ATEX

FileDownload The conduits series AD … with ISO 7/1 threadsDifferent sizes: 1/2" to 3" ISO 7/1.Material: Steel and subjected to a galvanising zinc-plating treatment

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FNN Flexible coupling ATEX

FileDownload Flexible conduit series IP. FE 37 UNI 7070 steel unions Welding of unions in T.I.G.

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FileDownload The TFFA conduits consist of corrugated flexible tube sheathed by a protection braid and two fixed sealed unions. Normally used standard sizes: 300 – 400 – 500 – 600 – 800 - 1.000mm up to Ø 1”. The TFFA flexible conduits are used to protect electric cables of connections between the fixed and the mobile parts of the apparatus, to damp vibrations (ex: motors) and wherever particular curves of the tube are requested.

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Visual signalling LPA

FileDownload Signalling bacon series LPA are composed of an aluminium body with the temperated glass globe mounted. Lamp (E27 max 100W not included).Standard mounting: suspension. Light: fixVisual signaling lamp LPA are used in internal and external place for signaling obstacles like tanks, tracks,…

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Lighting fixture series LI 98/FH

FileDownload The blinker lighting fixtures series LI.-98/FH are assembled with xenon lamps for excellent optical performance combined with low consumption. The caps can be red, yellow, orange, green, blue and white; the standard voltage is the following: 12 24Vac/dc, 125Vac, 230Vac; 125Vdc special circuits are available on request. These lighting fixtures are usually employed on burglar alarms, electric gates, or vehicles such as lift trucks..

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Lighting fixture series L100

FileDownload Lighting fixtures series L have a bell shaped structure. The protection globe is made in tempered glass or polycarbonate (LI). Power till 300 W. for incandescent lamps and 250 W. for gaseous discharge lamps; various type of fixing available. Suitable for halogen lamps and low power consumption lamps. This latter lamp version can be combined with an emergency battery pack (GELF) for black-out illumination purposes.

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