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Range of tubular or classic fluorescent lighting, LED or non-LED spotlights and projectors certified ATEX, IECEx. Easy installation. Robust and impact resistant in hazardous environments. Applications in the refinery, pharmaceutical, agro industry, nuclear power plant, offshore platform, etc… Type of protection for gas IIB or IIC and IP 66  with high temperature resistance. Compatible in zones 1,2,21,22 depending on models.

We ensure the proper quality monitoring of these products in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO/IEC 80079-34

Our engineers offer you tailor-made solutions to optimize the positioning of your lighting using DIAlux software. This allows you to optimize the number of light fixtures and place them in strategic positions. We can thus optimize your budget.
ATEX LED lighting

The largest savings from installing LED lighting come from the reduced cost of maintenance. To be sure our LED fixtures can be guaranteed up to 10 years (depending on the choice of driver).
Additional savings come from reduced energy bill and lower overall environmental footprint.

Lower currents required by LED light fixtures and integrated junction boxes make it easy to daisy-chain wire a large number of fixtures, something to take into account when retrofitting existing facilities and designing new ones.

We have special models certified for food industry.

Anti-glare reduces glare in applications where the user can have direct eye contact with the light source. Tempered glass resistant to shock and vibration, reducing the risk of cracking.  CRI (Color Rendering Index) and high lumen rate. Different fasteners with an adjustable angle to adapt to all uses.

Hazardous location inspection and worksite lighting.

With continuing advances of LED lighting efficiency we can offer battery powered inspection and worksite lighting with great autonomy.
Solar powered ligting skids are beconig economical in most locations.