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Range of equipment for the surveillance of sensitive sites. High performance cameras and camera housings, quality design and robustness for use in extreme conditions. The range is ATEX and IECEx certified according to EN and IEC standards. Applications in accordance with directive 2014/34 / EU. (zones 1-2 (Gas II C- II B) and zones 21-22 (Dust)) Type of protection Ex d. Materials used Stainless Steel or cast aluminum.

The quality of this equipment meets the most stringent requirements for surveillance in complex environments, such as in the oil & gas and offshore industry, maritime and ports, in transportation, railways and airports, as well as in all types of critical infrastructure and industrial processes. Models for all types of needs, PTZ cameras, day and night vision, stainless steel body.

Microwave radar

ATEX microwave detector designed specifically with DOPPLER technology for intrusion detections. The product is equipped with a stereo Doppler microwave radar: 2 reception channels to eliminate common false alarm sources such as vibrations or periodic movements.

This radar is designed to ensure the protection of the premises with the presence of gas, vapors, dust, fibers, sparks in Explosive Atmospheres capable of detecting a large object such as a truck or a bus at a distance of approximately 150 meters .

Surveillance cameras

MAXIMUS cameras allow ease of adjustment during installation with FULL HD image quality. They meet the most stringent standards to facilitate their installation in potentially explosive locations, due to the presence of flammable gases and dust. Practical options of use such as wipers with washer fluid for perfect cleaning of the glass, without maintenance interventions. Ease of adjustment. Day and night vision on some models. Operating temperature from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C.


With the possibility of connection to IP networks compatible with our range of cameras. The NVR can record and store digital image streams created by cameras. The NVR centralizes the data from the cameras and then transmits it to the viewing station. The advantage of the NVR is that it only requires one computer and one storage space. It can be installed anywhere on the network. It records and broadcasts simultaneously in multiplex.