Siren Sack

FileDownload The warning devices SACK are composed of a cylindrical body with acoustic diffuser in thermoplastic material. The unit issue a high frequency mono-toneor double-tone signal at 98 decibels. For the acousting warning of alarms, damages, etc..

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ETS60 Rotary Siren

FileDownload The rotary sirens ETS 60 are composed by a body in aluminium alloy with screwed cover.Acoustic warning of alarms, averages, etc.

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ETS60 Stainless steel Siren

FileDownload The ETS 60 series available in Stainless Steel 316 L version for sea environments, off-shore platforms and very aggressive chemical environments.

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ETS60 Siren Cast Iron

FileDownload The cast iron version is certified for I Group of mines and galleries with presence of explosive dusts.

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AP Loudspeakers series

FileDownload The loudspeakers series AP are produced with a cylindrical body and two different types of lid: flat or dome-shaped. In both cases the ABS horn is mechanically fitted on the end of the body. They come in two different sizes: the smallest (AP 6) can hold a magnetodynamic unit of 6W – 8Ω without a transformer while the biggest (AP 9/C) can hold a unit with a 100V transformer for a max. 60W power.

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