MJB Range

FileDownload The MJB range offers a simple and effective means of connecting cables or equipment, and is suitable for voltages up to a maximum of 8.3 kV.Max size cable 120mm²

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LR Range

FileDownload The LR range was initially designed as a special for a particular application but has seen increasing use by clients due to the unique flexibility afforded by the design.

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HVJB Range

FileDownload The HVJB range is the latest range in the High Voltage series and offers improved flexibility over the DPJB range in many situations and is suitable for operating voltages of up to 11 kV maximum.

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DPJB Range

FileDownload The DPJB range offers an effective means of connecting cables or equipment up to a maximum of 11kV and is Fault rated to 50kA for 1 second. Cable conductor sizes of up to 630mm2 can be accommodated depending on the enclosure configuration and number of conductors.

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FileDownload The Bus-Bar box is used for the connection of cables or equipment where the conductor size and number of cables being connected would make it very difficult in any other High Voltage range.

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