Roof Helicoidal THT-R

FileDownload Axial turrets are suitable for extracting air in chemical factories, refinery, laboratory.

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THTL Axial turret ATEX

FileDownload These axial roof turrets are designed to ensure the suction or blowing with clean air or slightly dusty. These turrets typically operate with mouth open or with a network of very small sheath.

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TCR ATEX Centrifugal Turret

FileDownload These turrets are designed to clean exhaust air or dust-laden and to ensure the extraction air explosive gas or dust.

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HDO/HD1S Axial Fan

FileDownload These axial fans are designed for the extraction or insufflation gas, clean air or little dusty. These can be mounted on short body (HDO) or long body (HD1S), and be connected to a network of ducts, or attached to a wall for a direct operation. For a construction > Ø1250 please consult us.

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FileDownload These axial fans are designed to ensure the extraction or the blowing of gas, clean or not very dusty air. Generally gone up in crossing of wall, they ensure of the significant flows with small overall dimensions.

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