Hazardous location inspection and worksite lighting.

With continuing advances of LED lighting efficiency we can offer battery powered inspection and worksite lighting with great autonomy.
Solar powered ligting skids are beconig economical in most locations.

KAC-F80-G-CH ATEX Hand lamp

FileDownload Executive standard: ·IEC 60079-0:2007 ·IEC 60079-11:2006 ·EN 60079-0:2007 ·EN 60079-11:2007 ·EN 60598-1:2008+A11:2009 ·EN 55015:2013 ·IEC 62321:2008

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UK4AA Hands free xenon

FileDownload New lamp of Herculite series resistance to severe environments. Compact and powerful, this 4AA lamp provides enormous 180 Lumens with 8 hour battery life. It was built to resist corrosion or destruction, triggered by chemicals.

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2 DCA Portable Torch

FileDownload The ATEX Safety Torch range offers the perfect answer for every Ex application, with reliable, simple and cost effective solutions.

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FileDownload Two Worklite models are available, the WL-85 with a 12 LED lamp head, giving over 1000 lumens output, and the WL-70 with a 6 LED lamp head, giving over 500 lumens output. Both models deliver a piercing 30° beam, combined with a flood of lower level fringe light.

ATEX Mini torch

FileDownload Thermoplastic resin body very resistant to shocks, (also to low temperature). Lens in polycarbonate for a best protection. These products are delivery with cells.

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Intrinsicaly safe lamp 4DCA

FileDownload The H-4DCA can be used in all gas apparatus groups and in gases and vapours up to T4, zones 1 & 2 hazardous areas. In addition to this, it can also be used in all dusts with temperature classes of up to T4, zones 21 & 22 hazardous areas. The lamp is constructed from a new, extremely robust and highly durable thermoplastic, well able to withstand the effects of heavy industrial use.

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Intrinsicaly safe lamp 251A LED

FileDownload The H-251A Wolflite is ideal for use as a general purpose safety lamp for inspection and work tasks in explosive atmospheres. Rechargeable battery operation offers a convenient and costeffective solution for Ex applications where a handlamp is frequently required for long periods. The H-251A also has both a Lloyd’s and an MCA Type Approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in marine applications.

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IL-80 ATEX LED Rechargeable hand lamp

FileDownload IL-80 ATEX LED is the perfect choise when an extremely robust portable light is required for Exareas. Ultra-Bright LEDs, intelligent control electronics and a maximum working time of up to 21 hours ensures that this torch meets the requirements of demanding professionals.

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EX-KST Saturn IECEx LED Light portable

FileDownload Soldering steel, robust and durable. Osram LED Source, High efficacy lumen output and high CRI. Increased safety battery box. Two pieces of lead acid batteries (24V12Ah). Low surface temperature: Effective heat dissipation.

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FileDownload Portable and convenient hand lamp battery incorporated for handheld application. · Explosion proof design can use in the hazardous application · High strength aluminum alloy housing. can endure 20 J impact · More than 10h discharge time, meet the demand of the emergency illumination. · Magnetic force adsorption design · Adjustable lamp head can easily adjust illumination area.

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