Prodiuts de ATEX SYSTEM

IS930.1 Android tablet

DatasheetDownload The IS930.1 is the tablet for use in ATEX Zones 1/21 and 1/Cl I Div1. The 8“ tablet is highly robust, powerful and o_ ers many technical advantages: 8.400 mAh Battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 660, NFC, Android™ 9.0.

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IS530.1 Android Smartphone

IS530.1_EN_REV0Download Always a step ahead! The smart and innovative Zone 1/Cl I Div1-smartphone with the most advanced technology: First Bluetooth® 5 industrial smartphone with multifunctional ISM interface, a huge internal memory 64 GB and the highest camera resolution of its class.

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SOF36/87 GPS/LoRa tracker

SOF36/87 GPS/LoRa tracker is a compact and stand-alone low power IoT GPS module with LoRa connectivity, designed to be installed on vehicles, flammable substance containers for cosmetics and pharma industries or other assets in order to track their location. Main features: LoraWan Class A connectivity GPS and TDOA Geo-location Very long lasting battery design Accelerometer Special embedded functions: Stop and go detection report Battery monitoring LED status indicator Web portal (separate subscription) to downlink configuration commands and manage geofencing alarms. FileDownload

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CPS3/197DHF ATEX Microwave detector

DatasheetDownload CPS3/197DHF ATEX microwave enclosure for to be used in severe environments where presence of gas, vapor, dust, fiber, in hazardous area. Optimal mounting height: 1.8 – 2.5m

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GUB/WE.-TVCC Camera housing

FileDownload Camera housing GUB/WE.-TVCC series are studied to contain the modern compact cameras. The camera is mounted on a rail allowing the regulation of the position axially. The enclosures are equipped with an anti-condense resistance (115/230Vac 50/60Hz). Articulated support included for the position of the housing.

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MAXIMUS MVXHD Explosion-proof HD camera

FileDownload The Full HD explosion protected MAXIMUS MVXHD is perfect for effective video surveillance and process control in harsh settings where the presence of gases or flammable dust can create a potentially explosive environment, a reality often found in the oil and gas industries or marine and industrial sectors.

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